PPE Booster Kits

Like everyone we have felt the impact of COVID-19 and like a lot of other small businesses we have closed down most of our services (outside of cleaning and disinfecting) and put on hold our plans for the immediate future as we focus on our employees well being, our family and in what small way we can help.

Fortunately one of our hobby’s (its more of an obsession but I digress) has been 3d printing. We have several 3d printers that in the past we have used for making fun toys, tools and much more. Now with the strain on the healthcare system we have been approached by friends in the medical field looking for assistance in providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as there quite simply is not enough, even here in Arizona where the full impact of COVID-19 has yet to hit.

After a bit of research we have put together a simple package of 3d printed items that we are calling a PPE Booster Kit. These are free to first responders and medical personal and medical facilities.

Our PPE Booster Kit Contains:

2 x Face Shield
Headband and rigid plastic sheet provide protection from expelled virus carrying water droplets when working with infected patients.

10 x Ear Reliever
Wearing N95 masks for 8+ hours a day is causing sores and strain on healthcare workers distracting them from their patients and the job they do. These simple bands hold the ear straps and relieve that pain.

While there appears to be a need in our small area of the world for more PPE and a strong desire to help there is no central area to organize. To that end we are using our time to contact makers and healthcare professionals so that resources can be distributed to where people need and want them the most.

If you would like one of our kits or would like to contribute to the effort, please click below

Healthcare Professional or Facility
Own a 3d Printer?